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Our Approach

 We design business systems that help organizations achieve their business goals and targets. The business systems improve effectiveness of processes that are key to implementation of strategy. The systems help business leaders convert the spirit of their plans and strategy into operational steps.

Japanese techniques such as Kaizan and lean sigma are good for continuous improvement and for perfecting processes. However, in a competitive business environment and with start-ups disrupting established business models, it is essential that companies continuously reinvent their businesses to stay ahead of competition. The business systems should be aligned with the purpose, business model and strategy of the company. Systems have to strike a delicate balance between speed and effective controls besides being robust to accommodate exceptional situations.

The policies should provide clarity in wake of changing business conditions and ever-changing business environment. In 1990s and 2000s, the pace of change was not fast and it allowed businessmen luxury of taking decisions on dated data. Today the pace of change is so fast that the decisions have to be taken on real time data. Technological solutions, both in hardware and software such as ERP, help companies in automating their processes and in collecting real time data. Technology also brings in better discipline and control. It makes it difficult to circumvent policies and processes.

Today task of computing can be done through software. ERPs and reporting tools like Tableu make reporting easier. This helps managers focus on decision making and add value to operations.

Mentors Unlocked Approach

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