Our Methodology

ERP implementations are successful, when people are willing to adopt the new technology, systems are efficient and the implementation of systems in technology is user friendly.

We make the process of systems development participatory so that more people are able to provide their inputs. This helps in reducing resistance to change.

Mentors Unlocked Participative design
Mentors Unlocked Diagnostic Study

Understanding Expectations and Apprehensions

We meet with people across all levels, starting from board, senior management to people at the operations level to understand challenges faced by them. We also understand their expectations and apprehensions with respect to their systems.

Documenting Existing Systems

We will conduct a study to understand the current systems. This includes review of written and unwritten policies, documenting workflow processes, procedures, data collected and reports generated. We map roles, responsibilities and authorizations of people. Various use cases are generated to understand the systems. The documented systems are validated at different levels.

Design of systems is an iterative exercise with discussions with different team members.

Mentors Unlocked Systems Design
Mentors Unlocked Systems Re-design

Redesign and Corroborate

Design of systems is a participatory exercise with discussions and validations from different team members. This gives employees opportunity to share their views or inputs on the redesigned systems and hence reduces resistance to adoption by them. The systems incorporate current best practices in the industry and business besides complying with the statutory laws. Fine tweaks can be made when put in practice.

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