Business Process Transformation

Business Process Transformation

The business systems have to support a company’s strategy and have to be aligned with its culture. Some of the services we provide under this practice are :

Business Policies

Policies are long term but may require changes over a period of time. We take stock of existing written and unwritten policies and redevelop them based on the industry, strategy and values of the company. We have designed Business Policies in Finance and Accounts, Procurement and HR for IT and ITES industry, Project Management companies, Engineering companies and NGOs.

Business Process Management

We review current workflow processes; manpower and their skill set and then redesign processes to suit the business needs and strategy of the company. We have helped chemical company reduce its work force by 33%. A NGO was able to reduce strength of its finance department by 10% while its spending doubled from USD 20 Mn to USD 40 Mn.


Management Information Systems

Redesign management information systems to make them worthwhile. Develop dashboards for senior and middle management so that they can monitor the operations of the company or their units/ divisions or functional areas. Design the data to be captured in different operations and at the organizational level besides designing formats of the information reports.

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