Business Transformation

The business systems have to support a company’s strategy and have to be aligned with its culture. Some of the services we provide under this practice are 


Business Policies

Principles that guide Business.

Business Process Management

Coordinated activities to get desired result

Management Information Systems

Data driven decision making


We assist companies in ERP Implementation. Some of the activities where we can help are:

Selection of ERP

Is the best rated ERP, the best for us?

Selection of ERP Implementation Partner

Which  vendor would be able to deliver solution at minimal cost?

Functional Trainings

How have processes changed in manual system ?

Support in data Migration

Supervise data reconciliation and migration to ERP

Change Management

Overcome resistance to change


We work with companies to manage crisis, that is, to revive the company and then grow it.

Planning and Decision Making

Prepare plans and financial forecasts for different scenarios

Scenario Planning

Based on the risks, prepare likely scenarios

Health Check

Assess status and risks in different processes


Prepare a strategy and communication plan

Monitoring and Control

Prepare dashboards for monitoring the operations

Business Automation Consulting Services

Business Transformation

The business systems have to support a company’s strategy and have to be aligned with its vision, growth plans and culture. In Business Transformation we re-engineer business processes, develop Management Information System, Dashboards and Metrices/ Indicators for Business Performance Management. Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are our focus segment for these services.

We also provide Management Consulting Services and advise our clients on Business Process Automation. We advise SMEs on automation software tools pertinent to their operations and that suit their budget.

The Mentors Unlocked Way

ERP implementations are successful, when people buy-in technology, are willing to adopt the new technology, systems are efficient and the implementation of systems in technology is user friendly. We make the process of systems development participatory so that more people are able to provide their inputs. This helps in reducing resistance to change.

ERP Implementation



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