ERP Consulting

Selection of ERP

Review the functionalities of the ERP keeping in mind the needs of the organization. Needs include business processes and other software(s) that the company is using. The ERP should find a good fit with both the functional strategies and the IT strategy of the company. The best ERP for a company is the one that meets most of its requirements and needs minimal customization.

Selection of ERP Implementation Partner

We draft scope of work and assist our clients in preparing Requests for Quotations or Proposals (RFQ/ RFPs), assist our clients in evaluating bids and selecting the vendor. We work with our clients in defining criteria for selection, responding to queries of the bidders either in writing or in pre-bid meetings.

Functional Trainings

Most companies go in for one training only and that is on the new systems developed in ERP. We advise our clients to break this training into two parts: (a) training on functional changes and (b) how the new functional systems have been configured in ERP.

Support in Data Migration

Develop a strategy for migration of data from existing software to ERP and to recast existing data into new formats. We supervise reconciliation of data in the new and old formats to ensure its correctness and completeness. This would include masters, reclassification of codes and chart of accounts.

Change Management

Systems development and improvement is a continuous exercise. Absorption of technologies such as ERP are long drawn processes. It may take between 6 to 18 months for the company to realize its  benefits.

ERPs force people to change the way they operate. ERP implementations also increase insecurities such as fear of job loss. Employee alienation is a common reason for failure of ERP implementations.

Successful ERP implementations call for lowering employee resistance. The employees have to be engaged in change. A communication strategy has to be developed and implemented to reduce the fear of the employees and to gain their trust and cooperation. We work with the senior management in developing a change management strategy and in implementing it:


Develop new roles aligned with the revised work flows.


Assess gaps in skill sets and provide functional trainings to the staff.


Work with the company in developing a communication strategy to allay the fears of the employees.


Communicate need for ERPs or change in systems, explaining new roles and expectations from the new roles.

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