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We at Mentors Unlocked, believe that in the ever-changing business , companies will have to challenge themselves and build competitive advantage for themselves to

survive. For this, they will have to excel in what

they do.

The Mentors Unlocked Approach

The traditional approach to Excellence was defined as a continuous improvement as prescribed by various quality gurus. Continuous improvement was the bedrock of Total Quality Management and to achieve excellence in the production function. So basically supporting small incremental changes. The same approach has today been extended to other functions such as operations, finance etc. Six sigma and statistical techniques are today being used to improve performance in all functional areas.

Tom Peters and Robert Waterman of Mckinsey ( with their famed 7 S model), took a wider approach and included other elements such as Staff and skills ( People), Strategy, style of people etc. They proposed that for an organization to be Excellent all the 7 elements should be aligned with each other. So any change, be it restructuring, building new systems and processes or leadership has to be undertaken to align these elements. While the model has proven to be very effective as a diagnostic tool, however, it was not seen as a prescription for excellence, 7 companies, of the 10 best companies, dropped out from the list within a decade.

In today’s disruptive world, organizations need agility and flexible to survive and grow. They need to shelve efficiency for speed and hence need less bureaucratic business systems. Continuous evolution or small changes need to be replaced with targeted change. It is not only about redesigning systems, but it is also about a change in culture. Business systems are about how organizations do business.

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