There is a saying that you will get the same results if you continue to do the same thing. But I will ask and say, can you do better than your competitor if you are doing the same thing that the competitor is doing? Most businessmen want the same ERP software that their competitors have or are in vogue in industry. Similarly, companies rely on functional consultants of the ERP implementer to provide them solutions.  There is nothing wrong with this approach, but there is a case that supports taking an independent view of your operations.

There is a lure to get a person with industry experience. Software solutions developed for an industry typically factor in Industry’s best practices and hence help their customers save money which would have otherwise been spent on learning.  However, that also increases chances of following the same processes and practices as that of competitor. This gives the company no edge in the market.

To be different, the company would need to evaluate its own processes and practices and develop a model that gives it an edge over its competitors. A fresh independent eye, helps the company do that. Fresh eyes question established practices, workflows and even decision-making processes. In other words, challenge existing mindsets which will lead to redesign of more efficient or less bureaucratic processes and procedures. The becomes the company’s way of doing business. This not only helps the company build its brand but also gives it a strategic edge over its competitors.  The company should then select software solutions, including ERP that are most suited to its ambitions and future plans.

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