3 Ps of success in business are

  1. Purpose
  2. People
  3. Processes

That is successful companies have a defined purpose, skilled people who are aligned to
purpose and good processes that enable business and reduce risks. Over the
years, the context has changed. For example, the role of man and machine has
changed. With industrial revolution, machine were the producers and men were
the drivers. The role of men was confined to how to get the best out of
machine. Today, in digital age, man produce and machines assist. The role of
managers is to get the best out of their men. Ensure that employees do not
leave their soul behind at home but bring in their knowledge, wisdom and
creativity to work.

The technology,in this digital age, is facilitation coordination, cooperation and
collaboration besides speeding up computation. This is helping companies reduce
costs and improve efficiencies. No wonder, companies are adopting technologies
in a big way and digitising their processes.

Companies that find the sweet spot of people and systems aligned to purpose, a set of people
who have ownership of their work and use technology extensively will be

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